Meet the Team

Keira Bixler


Keira Bixler, a high school sophomore, has a long-time love for learning and serving her community in any way possible. Through her program titled Imagine with Keira, she has worked to change illiteracy rates and hopes to one day use her skills learned through these opportunities to pursue careers in news and politics.

Adam hacker


Adam Hacker, a sophomore with a love for science and engineering, has been involved in countless academic competitions, clubs, and organizations. He hopes to study Computer Science in College and either work for a leading tech company or start his own.

clare gonzales

Head of Scheduling

I am Clare Gonzales, a 14 year old Freshman. I aspire to be a sports orthopedic surgeon when I am older. I have a passion for science and many other school subjects such as math and history.

Chloe Seals

Head of Scheduling

izek nelson

Head of Training

I'm Izek Nelson, a 15 year old Freshman, when I graduate, I am going to serve a mission for the Church of Latter-Day Saints. After my mission, I would like to attend BYU to get my doctorate and become a Cardiologist.

brooke hacker

Media Director

I am Brooke Hacker, a 14 year old Freshman. I love working with kids and plan on having a career in the medical field as a Pediatrician.


Audrey hyde

I’m a 14 year old freshman at Redwood. I’m patient and super enthusiastic with kids. I am super excited to be apart of this organization and hope to help!

Ellie Gilbert

I'm Ellie Gilbert, a 14 year old freshman! I’m thoughtful and patient with kids, which is why being part of this organization was appealing to me. I have interests in studying business or dermatology in college.

ellie phippen

Jacob abbott

I’m Jacob Abbott, and I’m 15 years old. I became a Brainiacs tutor because I really enjoy helping other people, and I want to make a difference in others’ lives. When I grow up, I want to become an orthodontist or something else in the medical field.

jillian reng

katie peters

I want to be a therapist because a lot of people go through things no one else understands. I know I can't help everyone, but I have a passion for helping others due to my upbringing.

Savannah Vargas

I am Savannah Vargas a 15 year old freshman at Redwood High School. I enjoy many hobbies such as reading, playing, soccer, singing, dancing, and babysitting. I would like to study to become a pediatric nurse or work in the kids oncology ward.

caroline cantelmi

I am Caroline Cantelmi, a Freshman at Redwood High school. I have a passion of patiently adapting to mentor and help children learn and deeper understand various topics. When I am older I would like to pursue Epidemiology, Oncology or Mental Health Therapy.

Ellie Atashakarian

Isabella Silveira

I'm Isabella SiIveira. I love having the opportunity to assist and encourage kids in their learning. I want to bring light into someone's day and support our youngest learners through this challenging time.

Ella Bangi

I am Ella Bangi, a 14 year old Freshman. I became a Brainiacs Mentor because kids need the opportunity to do well in school and I want to help them accomplish any goal they set.

Natalie Nelson

I'm Natalie Nelson, a Freshman at RHS. I love being with kids and learning. Being a Brainiac Mentor gives me the opportunity to indulge in these hobbies, and allows me to help those who need it.

carlos gonzalez

Hi! I'm Carlos Gonzalez, a 14 year old Freshman attending Redwood High school. I hope to attend MIT someday and serve as an inspiration for a new generation of the STEM field.

Luke mueller

My future plans are always changing and I do not have a set college I want to go to nor a specific job I want to do. I have been playing guitar for three or four years and I just recently started playing for my church and my church's youth group.

Chloe Sills

Roamie gailey

I am Roamie Gailey, I am 15 years old and am currently a freshman at Redwood High School. I love helping kids and giving them the support they need. I wanted to be a part of this organization so that I could help kids have a successful future.

mathew spalding

Jackie Alexander

Makayla Morcos

Donya Hassanshahi

Fernando Bellido-Mendez