Meet the Team

Keira Bixler


Keira Bixler, a high school junior, has a long-time love for learning and serving her community in any way possible. Through her program titled Imagine with Keira, she has worked to change illiteracy rates and hopes to one day use her skills learned through these opportunities to pursue careers in news and politics.

Adam hacker


Adam Hacker, a junior with a love for science and engineering, has been involved in countless academic competitions, clubs, and organizations. He hopes to study Computer Science in College and either work for a leading tech company or start his own.

Chloe sills

Scheduling Director

Chloe is involved in many extracurriculars from sports to clubs to church events, but finds her passion in helping todays youth weather that be mentally or educational. Chloe has dreams of continuing her youth empowerment by finding her work in physcodynamic therapy but starting the correct path with tutoring these amazing kids. 

Seth cano

Curriculum Director

Seth Cano, a junior with the dream to pursue marketing and finance. He has hopes to help kids discover their personal passions and expand their educational opportunities.

kiana lovgren

Social Media Director 

Kiana Lovgren is a junior who plans to major in economics. She wants to pursue a career in business. She is an avid lover for music and is apart of various symphony orchestras. She likes helping people and wants to give back to her community. 

July range

Recruitment Director 

July Range is a junior and wants to major in liberal arts. She would like to be an elementary school teacher. July loves volleyball and orchestra as well as working with kids. 

beatrice sanjaya

Videographer / Photogropher 

I'm Izek Nelson, a 15 year old Freshman, when I graduate, I am going to serve a mission for the Church of Latter-Day Saints. After my mission, I would like to attend BYU to get my doctorate and become a Cardiologist.